Jens Weidmann (Präsident der Deutschen Bundesbank)
und Michael Best (Director General Communications, Bundesbank)
zu gast in meinem Atelier in Berlin

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EINLADUNG zur Vernissage
9.10.15 | 19 Uhr

Von Hand bemalte Tapeten und großformatige Wandkunst

Atelier Moogreen | Pestalozzistraße 11 | 10625 Berlin

"Transitions" - exhibition at Berlin Art Week

Vernissage 16. Sept 2015 Kühlhaus Berlin / next to abc art fair

on 3 floors, covering a total surface area of 1,700 square meters.

Luckenwalderstrasse 3 10963 Berlin
Sponsored by Georg Neumann GmbH and with the friendly support of Absolut.

Photo: jirka Jansch

March 5 to 31, 2015
Austrian artist Isabella Trimmel, based in Berlin, Germany, will showcase art from her series “Raumfaltung” (space-warp). When viewed from a distance Isabella Trimme's large format art look like paintings. As one gets ever closer details more continue to emerge. These graphic artworks show stunning levels of depth. Levels of color overllap and flow into each other morphing into wide open spaces.

"Raumfaltung" --- path, time and surface: through folding or warping space comes into existence. Departure and endpoint are almost identical.
„Schwärze", in connection with quantum mechanics and the Copenhagen Interpretation: What is really here, when no-one is looking?

Exhibition Opening: Thursday 5th March 2015 6.30-9pm
Location: 5450 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036
Exhibition hours: Monday-Friday 8.30am to 7pm & Saturday 12pm-5pm

Agent global
Petra Trimmel - Product Management Hub
1647 10th Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94122
Email: petra(at)
Skype: petra.u.trimmel
Twitter: @PetraTrimmel

New ink paintings on Hanemühle paper / 2015

Vernissage Artbox 2014 “who are you”

Video vom  Ausstellungsaufbau Artbox 2014

Kultur Kongress Zentrum Eisenstadt

Objekt aus Draht 45x45x45 cm

Ausstellung in der ARTBOX
„who are you“

Paintings / Photography / Sculptures / Videoart
17.02.bis Freitag 21.03.2014

Objekt / Artbox 2014

Vernissage Atelier Berlin Okt 2013



Isabella Trimmel, Austrian, has called Berlin, Germany, her home since 1993. At the age of 16 she started to work with photography and experimenting with various fine art techniques. Isabella Trimmel's full-time artistic work started in 2004. Over the years she participated in several artists symposia, explored different painting techniques and materials, followed by the development of her own ink techniques and concepts, e.g. the so called "Space Expansion" by photographic means. Her main art works until 2006 have been drawings, paintings and sculptures. From thereon she began working with digital media and developed also her photography and video art works.

During these years Isabella Trimmel also created her unique style of graphic art, impressing by its layering, movement and depth. The viewers are motivated to explore how lines and layers structure her works, how they alternate or weave into each other: space and time, layers as moments, a line as the path. The result is, also in context of experiencing reality, layering and creation of ties as symbols of exploring spacial expanse and narrowness.  
 - Started by the fine art conceptual project "Viewtransfer", a few  years ago, a totally unexpected and new opportunity presented itself.  The large-format works of Viewtransfer created great interest  customer-interest, for their aesthetic design and photographic impact.  This new niche provided the opportunity to execute on many design-ideas, which Isabella separated from her fine-art works, by introducing them  under the "Rica Belna" name. Now, the time has come, in which the  process reverses itself.
 The new series "Raumfaltung und Schwärze" have  such depth and relatedness to Isabella's fine-art works, it is  apparent, more was created than " design". Maybe art  will always express itself, even if the creator attempts to do design.  



- Started by the fine art conceptual project "Viewtransfer", a few years ago, a totally unexpected and new opportunity presented itself. The large-format works of Viewtransfer created great interest customer-interest, for their aesthetic design and photographic impact. This new niche provided the opportunity to execute on many design-ideas, which Isabella separated from her fine-art works, by introducing them under the "Rica Belna" name. Now, the time has come, in which the process reverses itself. The new series "Raumfaltung und Schwärze" have such depth and relatedness to Isabella's fine-art works, that the secret, that more was created than "just design" is apparent. Maybe art will always express itself, even if the creator attempts to do design. Isabella's Miami based gallery will offer these two series at limited edition prints.

some thoughts

For me it is a form of dealing with issues such as abuse of power and emotional blackmail, with distance and closeness, with belonging and being unique. This work is an opportunity for me to bring emotions and thoughts into a visual form. There is a need, an urge. There is no specific mental image, it's more a hunch, a feeling, For me, my work is an multi-layered way to express what I can't describe with words.

materials / media

Materials and techniques are of no importance to me. What matters is the result. I experiment with different materials and use the media which imposes itself at a given moment.


It's probably a combination of subjects I'm thinking about and visual impressions. They become an idea, a feeling. In a sense, they force themselves upon me and are expressed in my work.
It's less an inspiration rather than an exploration of life and especially of topics such as uniqueness and assimilation trough psychological stress/pressure. In my work I deal with perceptions of the inner and outer world and their complexity, structure and entanglements.

Vernissage  Intensivstation Kunst in Berlin   2013

Photoworks Isabella Trimmel
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Vernissage Österreichische Botschaft Berlin 2012


Landscapes are textures. Constructions of lines and light. Shadows living there, differently coloured. Landscapes are relations. We are moving within them. Some time as birds. Another time as insects. Relations are landscapes. Constructions, nets, lattice: differently tinted shadows therein. Light. Lines. Odd or familiar: often a single stroke is sufficient. Upon the sheet of an instant. Or it tends towards edges: de-bordered. The texture, the into-one-another, the growth: and at certain spots it dissolves, and flows away too. But you can feel the hand always. The steadiness, the knowledge of the whole, of the result. Nevertheless, it keeps space free for trifling, and for the unexpressed. - (Stephan Denkendorf, March 2006)


"Das ist wohl der Endzweck der Kunst: diese Welt wieder in Besitz zu
nehmen, indem man sie so zeigt, wie sie ist, aber als wenn sie ihren
Ursprung in der menschlichen Freiheit hätte."
Jean-Paul Sartre

Aus einem Chaos von Bewegungen, die an die Natur erinnern, entfalten
sich Strukturen der Künstlichkeit, der planvollen Genese. Momente einer
freien Bewegung koexistieren im selben Bildraum mit Anzeichen einer
strukturierten Komposition. Weiche Farbverläufe und strenge Konturen
gehen eine Einheit ein, die sich der Fläche bemächtigt.

Isabella Trimmels Arbeit verbindet das Spontane der informellen Malerei
mit Aspekten der konstruktiven Gestaltung. Ihre Kunst zeigt uns die
Wirklichkeit als widersprüchlich Zusammengesetzte: natürlich Gewordenes
ist verschränkt mit künstlich Erzeugtem. Sie findet einen zeitgemäßen
Ausdruck für die grundlegende Spannung der menschlichen Existenz
zwischen den oftmals unbewusst wirkenden und unbekannt bleibenden
Kräften der Natur und den bewusst initiierten Prozessen der Kultur, die
diese Welt permanent neu gestalten.

Wolfgang Neuhaus

Landesgalerie Eisenstadt 2007

"Moments Witout Time"



In my project "Moments Without Time" I am working with the effect of enlargement. Despite my work's fine but vigorous manner large scale prints offer the possibility of  unexpected presence and dynamics. Large scale prints are the focus of my work since projecting "Viewtransfer" a couple of years ago. It inspired me to enlarge my small scale ink drawings. The large prints are published on demand limited to 10 copies each in variable size allowing me adapting them to different room situations.

"Moments Without Time"

is the title of Isabella Trimmel's new project. By enlarging her small scale and even minimalistic ink drawings borderless expansion is created. The eye is confronted with new but at the same time well known motifs: reflection of nature. The artist is working with different levels of perception and combination of reality. Though expressing silence vigorous motion and dynamics is developing gradually viewing these large scale prints from the distance. Only second glance demands the viewer to pause resulting in suggestive fiction  combining idea with reality.

Enlargement of miniatures

The individual touch on a sheet of paper certainly looses its miniature nature by enlargement. But the structure of uncountable lines neither gets more intense nor more permeable by enlargement. The movement of the artist's hand lasts: solidification can not be noticed. Isolation, intersections and relations created by Isabella Trimmel in small scale drawings do not lose energy by enlargement. Seeing something enlivened the viewer is squeezed just as little as if looking through boughs. And there is always a feeling of a horizon amidst these condensations and omissions. A feeling of something behind it putting a spell on the viewer, taking him into textures borderless and out of gravity. (Stephan Denkendorf, April 2006)



Über ihre Arbeit

Das Verwobensein im positiven wie auch das Verwickeltsein im negativen Sinne ist Inhalt der Arbeiten Isabella Trimmels. In ihre Arbeiten fließen immer wieder die Fragen nach dem psychosozialen Miteinander ein. Was bewegt uns, was verbindet uns? Ein ständiges Schwanken zwischen Dazugehören-Wollen und Sich-Unterscheiden, um sich nicht zu verlieren. Was hat es mit dem Machtmissbrauch und der emotionalen Erpressung auf sich? Wie kommt es, dass das Kapital stellvertretend für einige wenige Prozent unserer Bevölkerung zu einer Art Gottheit aufgestiegen ist, der vom Rest der Weltbevölkerung Opfer gebracht werden muss. In ihrer Arbeit „Level the Playingfield“ bezieht sie sich direkt auf diese Thematik. Wie verhält es sich mit dem Wunsch, einem Kollektiv anzugehören, dem Wunsch nach Verschmelzung und dem gleichzeitigen Bedürfnis, frei, einzigartig und besonders zu sein?

Seit 2009 arbeitet Isabella Trimmel verstärkt mit Photographie und bewegtem Bild. Die Ästhetik die sie in ihrer Photographie entwickelt hat, ist ihre Art auch im Abbild von Realität das “Dahinter” einzufangen und sichtbar zu machen. In ihrer 2011 entstandenen Videoperformance “Genetic” kombiniert und erweitert sie die real gefilmten Bilder durch einen computergenerierten Raum. Es entsteht eine philosophische Auseinandersetzung um Einzigartigkeit und Anpassung durch psychosozialen Druck. In ihrem Zyklus „Social Structures“ arbeitet sie mit der Wahrnehmung der inneren und äußeren Welt und deren Komplexität, Strukturen und Verstrickungen. Durch das Selbst-Erschaffen und das in der Realität Gesehene zeigt sie die Verbindung zwischen der Wahrnehmung der äußeren und inneren Realität.

Atelier Vernissage 2002